NEASUS sends ambulances to help the war effort in Ukraine

One year since the war in Ukraine started, NEASUS sends more ambulances

One year since the war in Ukraine started, the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) is sending more ambulances to help on the frontline. 

Last year, NEAS donated four ambulances filled with medical aid which were taken to the Ukraine-Poland border. Once again, the organisation will be helping the war effort by sending a further two ambulances.

 The ambulances will be making the 1,400-mile journey shortly, taken by NHS colleagues at QE Facilities, the subsidiary of QE Hospital, Gateshead. 

NEAS is donating two emergency ambulances along with 30 defibrillators, four stretchers, 10 carry chairs and three ventilators. The emergency medical supplies are specifically aimed at treating those injured in conflict. 

Graham Tebbutt, managing director at North East Ambulance Service Unified Solutions (NEASUS), said: "The NHS is known for its compassion and kindness. We help those in need in our local community every day, so this is a great opportunity for us to help people further afield. 

"We're incredibly proud to be able to help the people of Ukraine at a time when they need it most." 

All of the equipment and vehicles being donated have already been replaced as part of a regular replacement programme which has seen 34 new emergency ambulances delivered this year for use across the North East region. 

In March 2022, NHS volunteers drove the donated vehicles across six countries and just hours after their arrival, they were used to transport injured members of the Ukrainian army. 

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