Red House Junior School raise over £2,000 in a sponsored jogathon for North East Ambulance Service

Two pupils from Red House Junior School helped raise over £2,800 to North East Ambulance Service in a jogathon at their school.

Two pupils from Red House Junior School helped raise over £2,800 to North East Ambulance Service in a jogathon at their school. 

The sponsored jogathon followed an incident at their family home when Thalia and Adriyanna’s grandfather collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. One of the young girls performed CPR whilst the youngest sister kept her calm and waited at the door to direct the ambulance crew. Both girls have been awarded with a NEAS bravery certificate.

Following the incident, Red House Junior School got in touch with NEAS to deliver ambulance awareness, CPR training and defib sessions to both the Junior and Senior school to make sure all children are aware of what to do in an emergency.

The school then took part in a sponsored jogathon which saw the children from nursery to year 5 do as many laps as they could around the school field by running, jogging and walking to raise money for NEAS. In total, Red House School raised £2,880.90. 

Father of the young girls, Mr Paul Spencer said: “On behalf of my late father, we extend heartfelt gratitude to the children who ran with passion in the sponsored jogathon for NEAS. Special thanks to Red House School staff for making this event possible. Your collective efforts have created a meaningful impact that would undoubtedly have seen a proud smile on his face at the positive awareness and contribution created by the event.”

Community resuscitation officer, Alex Mason said: “It was great to see the enthusiasm of all the pupils taking part in the jogathon. I was honoured to be presented with a cheque for such a large amount alongside our medical director, Kat Noble.

“Again, thank you to Red House Junior school, to the staff and pupils, and to Thalia and Adriyanna’s family for supporting the North East Ambulance Service charitable fund in this way.”

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