North East Ambulance Service boosts commitment to race equality

North East Ambulance Service is pleased to announce the signing of Unison’s Anti-Racism Charter as of the end of September 2023.

North East Ambulance Service is pleased to announce the signing of Unison’s Anti-Racism Charter as of the end of September 2023.

The Anti-Racism Charter is aimed at improving public sector organisations response to hate and racism over the next 12 months. It aims to support organisations to deliver a range of commitments that will help to improve performance, outcomes for victims and ensure organisations are accountable. 

Therefore, NEAS leaders have pledged to four charter commitments:

  • Recognise the need and benefit in championing a racially diverse workforce.
  • Challenge racism internally and externally wherever it arises in relation to the organisation. 
  • Recognise the impact of racism upon staff members’ wellbeing. 
  • Set and regularly review strategy to improve racial equality, diversity and inclusion so that the organisation reflects the communities it serves.

Brian Dodds, UNISON Branch Secretary at NEAS, said: “By signing UNISON’s Anti-Racism Charter, NEAS is setting an example about the way employers should value all their staff. The Charter makes meaningful commitments to supporting Black staff and this is a great example of what can be achieved through effective partnership working.

“It is commendable that NEAS have moved quickly to support the Charter, becoming only the second organisation in the region to sign up. Hopefully many others will sign up soon too.”

The Trust have pledged to a wide range of commitments including having a clear and visible race equality policy championed by leadership, provide anti-racism training for all staff, provide a wellbeing support facility for staff experiencing racism in the workplace and much more.

NEAS Chief Executive, Helen Ray said: “Signing up to this pledge helps to demonstrate our commitment to be an anti-racism organisation and supports the wider work we are doing to address racism and hate in the Trust.

“For example, for Hate Crime week this week we have launched a guide for managers and colleague to improve out support for victims of hate and improved internal processes.

“Racism and hate in all forms have a substantial impact on people and we are committed to ensure it is not tolerated and we take effective action against perpetrators in partnership with other agencies such as the Police.”

Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Mark Johns said “Hate incidents and crimes are hideous and have a lasting impact on those that are subject to them.

“For Hate Crime Awareness week, we have partnered with Northumbria Police to train more hate crime champions. in addition, we have recently commissioned training for manager at all levels to be delivered in 2024.

“This will ensure managers at are equipped with the knowledge and tools to recognise racism and hate and its impact, know what action to take and ensure victims receive appropriate support and assistance.”

The full Unison charter and the commitments can be viewed online.

More details of our performance on equality, diversity and inclusion can be viewed in our EDI annual reports.

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