Ambulance response categories explained

What type of ambulance response will I be given?

It's imperative that the most serious, life threatening calls made to the ambulance service are dealt with first.

Because of this, we prioritise each call into nationally-agreed categories.

Below is an explanation of the type of response that will be given to each category. 


Red 1

(Respiratory / cardiac arrest)

Red 2

Green 1

Green 2

Green 3

Green 4

Response in 8 minutes

Two resources should be despatched to these incidents where possible. Patient suffered cardiac arrest or stopped breathing.

Response in 8 minutes

All other life threatening emergencies.

Response in 20 minutes

Blue lights and sirens

Response in 30 minutes

Blue lights and sirens

Telephone assessment within 20 minutes

Response within one hour (no blue lights required)

Telephone assessment within 60 minutes.

Telephone assessment within 60-minutes.

While both of the red categories are national requirements, the four green categories are recommended response times.


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