Jessica Bell

JessicaJessica wanted to become a paramedic in order to make a difference to her community. She wanted to help them through experiences that could be the most traumatic of their life, by bringing clinical skills and knowledge and being caring and compassionate.

Jessica said: "The career path of a paramedic is incredibly rewarding and is a constant learning environment. Already within the first section of my degree apprenticeship training I have met and worked with some amazing role models and inspiring paramedics and can see the passion that those individuals hold for the role and that it is a role to be proud of.

"I am fascinated by the complexities of the human body, and I am keen to progress my learning more about its bodily systems. My job has given me great opportunities to observe and carry out procedures and treatments needed to maintain a patient’s physiological needs such as vascular access for drug therapy, cardiac resuscitation, and trauma care."

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