Events Planning

If you’ve ever attended a football match, concert, or festival, took part in the Great North Run or went to a funfair in the North-East then you have more than likely came across the work of our Emergency Preparedness Managers. Our team review medical plans for all large-scale events in the range of NEAS to monitor and mitigate the impact of the public and core NEAS services. 

Ambulance Trusts form part of the safety advisory group (SAG) membership/process to provide specialist knowledge to guide and advise anyone who is planning or organising an event. Ambulance Trusts are commissioned on behalf of the wider NHS to represent and safeguard the wider NHS from any event that is being promoted within a local authority area. As part of the SAG, a Trust representative will support the process to ensure that every event has a detailed medical plan based on a comprehensive risk assessment. 

Below is a document which provides guidance in relation to understanding the requirements and expectations of local authorities and the promoters/organisers prior to an event taking place.

Click here to read the pre-event guidance.

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