Kyle, student paramedic

What do you think a positive male role model is, do you have one, and would you consider yourself one? If so, why?

A male role model is someone who you look up to, when you know they are good at what they do but modest and humble about it.

I have many role models, taking a little of everything from every one of them to become the man I want to be. As cliché as it sounds my main role model is my dad. I always go to him when I need answers or guidance, and I know he will have the answers I need; pointing me in the right direction. I would like to think I am a role model; it would be nice to know if people did look up to me, however I’m no better or worse than the person stood next to me.

How important is it to you to look after yourself and your wellbeing, and how do you do that?

Looking after myself always comes second to others, however I do take time out to have “me time”. I go to the gym with my headphones on, turning the world off and allowing me to fill up the fuel tank to do it all again.

What advice can you give to other men who may be struggling?

The advice I would give to any man struggling is no matter how major or minor something may feel, talk to someone about it. From past experiences, saying whatever it is out loud starts the process of acknowledgment that you’re struggling, and recovery.

Anything else you’d like to talk about? For example, patient care, what it’s like working in the ambulance service as a man etc.

When I left school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I exhausted many options. When applying for the ambulance service again it was my dad and mum who guided me into it, after seeing the way I looked after my sister Patsy through her relapses of her multiple sclerosis. This required a lot of self-acknowledgment that I am good enough, after being told by a few people I wouldn’t be, in the role I am in today.  Getting accepted into the ambulance service didn’t just give me a ‘job’; it allowed me to find myself and find what I enjoy doing, which is being in a position to give my community the care I would want for any of my family members.

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