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Name: Cory McGill

Job title: Emergency care technician, working out of Coulby Newham Station. 

Army regiment: I joined the Green Howards in 2004. The regiment was amalgamated to the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment in 2006. 

Duration served: 8 years. 2004-2012 

Where did you serve?

Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kenya and Cyprus. I was also part of Cycle Warrior, a team of 10 biycle ride from Bosnia to Wales. We did over 1,600 miles through Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, England and Wales. 

What service(s) were you part of and for how long? 

Lance Corporal but I acted up as Corporal (Section Commander) while serving in Afghanistan. The Green Howards/Yorkshire Regiment, 19 Regiment of Foot XIX, Infantry Regiment, The British Army. 

How long have you been at NEAS? 

7 years. 

Why did you choose to work at NEAS? 

For me it was the similarities to the Army. Every day is different and not knowing where we were going or what we were going to do. I also wanted to be part of a well-trusted and large organisation like NEAS. It also helped knowing there is a large number of ex-service staff at NEAS. it’s good to know I share similar experiences with people I work with. 

What transferable skills do you have from the army? 

The transferable skills I gained throughout my service have been an essential part of my day-to-day role within NEAS. I believe the most essential skills are communication, teamwork, respect and planning. Failure to plan is planning to fail. 

What does Remembrance Day mean to you? 

Remembrance Day is where I remember those people I served with and what it was like. More importantly to remember those people who did not make it home, but to also think about everyone who suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and those family members who are left. Lest We Forget. 

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