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Name: Jonathan Gwynne 

Job title: Paramedic based at Carlin Howe Ambulance Station. 

Army Regiment: Formally part of the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.   

Duration served: 6 years. From 2007 to 2012.  

Where did you serve?

Afghanistan in 2009 and I was also part of various military training exercises around the UK, Germany and Cyprus. 

How long have you been at NEAS? 

7 years. 

What transferable skills do you have from the army?

Working in our platoons we made very strong bonds of brotherhood and worked well within a team, able to depend on each other especially during difficult or critical situations. This ethos can be brought over to the ambulance service. Respect for self, the public, colleagues and the chain of command is instilled within the armed forces. This is something that is readily transferable to the ambulance service. Prior to joining the British Army, I did not have a great amount of confidence, the forces instil that confidence, building on it throughout the career. Moving onto the ambulance service, confidence in your own ability is necessary on a daily basis.

Many NEAS employees are ex-forces or are still currently serving in the reserve forces. Those with a forces background can draw on their experiences to deal with difficult or high-pressured situations. Communication plays such an integral part of the military, those who have served understand this and bring excellent communication skills to the service. 

What does Remembrance Day mean to you?

Remembrance Day is important to me as it gives a singular date in the year when myself, members of the public, veterans and those still serving can remember and honour those individuals who were injured or made the ultimate sacrifice whilst serving. Whether it be during the world wars or more modern conflicts and operations, all those who died should be remembered and never forgotten. 


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