How to call 999 or 111

Most people can dial 999 or 112 for emergencies or 111 for non-urgent health issues.

If you’re Deaf, have a hearing or speech impairment, or use other non-verbal communication, we have other options you can use:

999 BSL relay service  click here for more information.

111 BSL relay service - click here for more information 

999 (Text) Relay Assist UK service - click here for more information

Emergency SMS, text ‘register’ to 999, read the text and reply ‘yes’ – click here for more information

Textphone - Call 1800, tell them which service you need and follow the responses on screen - click here for more information

Relay UK App, download the app, tap the 999 button and confirm you want to make an emergency call - click here for more information

More information from the North East Ambulance Service in British Sign Language, please click here

Information on all Relay UK services, please click here

A typical call using Relay UK

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