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Inside our ambulance

This is Guidepost group, they asked us to see inside one of our ambulances and these are the things they think are good to know.

Guidepost 2


This is one of our emergency ambulances 

inside cab

This is where the emergency care assistant or technicain will sit to drive the ambulance

Empty bed

If they need the stretcher they will bring it off the ambulance safely

Side cupboard

We have extra equipment in the side of the ambulance in case we need it


This is how you can get on the ambulance if you are too poorly to walk.

We will strap you on to the stretcher with a harness and use straps to keep you safe


We will use a stretcher and take you up safely on our tail lift


If you are well enough to walk you can come in through the side door and up the steps


This is a wheelchair we can use to take you onto the ambulance using the tail lift. It folds up small to save space on the ambulance


This is where you lie down inside the ambulance

David 2

This is the monitor we use to check your heart


If you are well enough to sit up you can sit here.

This is how we can check your blood pressure and heart rate



If someone can come with you, they can sit next to you


We may use this mask to give you oxygen or medication if you need it


This is our tablet. It is called an EPCR. We use it to record details of your treatment


We will only use the lights and sirens if we need to


We can sometimes send an ambulance car


They can sometimes get there before the ambulance


They carry similar equipment to the ambulance and can start helping you before the ambulance arrives


This is a scheduled care ambulance. We use this to help people who may struggle to get to their hospital appointments or other NHS services

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