Message in a bottle

We are proud to be working in partnership with the Lion’s Club International to help protect people in our communities through the Message in a Bottle scheme. 

Message in a Bottle allows you to keep your personal and medical information in a place which can easily be found in an emergency – your fridge.

This simple bottle could save your life!


How do I use the bottle?

The bottle contains a form for you to fill in with your name, medication, allergies and emergency contact details. Once you have completed the form, put it back inside the bottle and put the bottle in your fridge, ideally in the door to allow it to be found quickly in an emergency. 

Stick one green sticker on your fridge and close to your front door in a visible position. If you don’t want a sticker on your fridge put the other sticker close to your back door.

 Message in abottle

Who are the bottles for?

The scheme is free and open to anyone, although it is particularly suitable for vulnerable people and people that experience difficulty recalling information or communicating with our staff. For example, people living with dementia, learning difficulties and people whose first language is not English.


Where can I get a bottle?

The bottles are supplied by the Lions to health centres, doctors’ surgeries and chemists, local Lions clubs, Neighbourhood Watch, Age Concern and housing associations. 

We are also distributing the bottles via ambulance crews and at public events across the region.


What information should I provide?

  • The name, address and contact number for your doctor
  • A brief description of any medical conditions you have or medication you take
  • The contact information for two emergency contacts
  • If you are a carer, the details of the person you are a carer for
  • A copy of your repeat prescription list if you have one. This is incredibly useful for our staff when they treat you.  

Click here to download a copy of the form


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