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WINNER: Recruitment admin team

Faced with the challenges of a national shortage of qualified paramedics and significant changes to the training requirements for newcomers to the profession, the recruitment admin team has remained committed to supporting the Trust reach full establishment.

Over the past 12 months, the team has overcome its own staff changes to process close to 7000 applications to fill 850 whole time equivalent posts.  They have now reduced the recruitment period, created a recruitment guide, developed careers videos and a candidate zone on the internet and promoted the service at events across the region. 

As a result, the contact centre now has a full establishment of staff, all Emergency Care Assistants and Emergency Care Technicians courses are now full until next year and 53 Emergency Care Clinical Managers are now in post.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Customer Care and Research and Development

Particular praise must also go to the highly commended teams.

  • Customer Care team has developed an excellent working relationship with nursing staff at units in South Tyneside, which has reduced the number of complaints about the dialysis service we offer and improved patient care.  The CCG is now in the process of scoping out an extension to the three  year contract which was due to end in July 2016.
  • The care we deliver to patients must have a solid base of evidence in order to be effective and for our clinicians to have faith in what they are doing.  Research and development team brings in more than £200,000 of external funding and is involved in projects as diverse as stroke, sepsis, cardiac arrest, trauma, orthopaedics, triage techniques, referral pathways, head injuries, leadership and quality improvement.  The team has built strong relationships with other trusts, universities, ambulance services and industry to further develop our reputation as a forward thinking, innovative organisation.

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