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Public Nomination 2016 winner - Alan Jobson

Alan JobsonA particularly special endorsement of our staff, Newcastle City Council workers Rachael Hope and Fiona Richardson, recently nominated Alan Jobson for a staff award.
Having first met Alan ten years ago to support the development and delivery of an overdose awareness course for staff, drug users and their carers, the two have more recently worked with Alan to develop a number of courses, most notably the roll out of 'take home Naloxone' for risk groups in Newcastle.
Alan produces and delivers good quality training, which has meant that Newcastle City Council has continued investing in various programmes and projects with the Trust.
Alan's contribution to partnership developments such as ‘Naloxone’ has meant that as a city, they have been able to produce an evidence based project which is enabling better management of overdose situations by individuals, workers and statutory organisations such as Northumbria Police and ultimately, hopefully reduce the numbers of drug related deaths.
Those participating in the training are now more skilled and confident in the delivery of basic life support and his training continuously supports the breaking down of barriers, misconceptions and stereotypes and supports those involved in or witnessing an overdose situation the confidence to call for an ambulance in situations where they may not have otherwise done so.
Alan's knowledge, skills and attitude, whilst taking into account the stigma associated with the drugs and the wide variety of stakeholders and partners involved, has meant that he has supported delivery of training to over 2000 people in the city.
All participants, whether users, carers or workers, have evaluated his training positively and consistently fed back improvements to their practice because of Alan's passionate, non-judgemental and often humorous training style, all of which have been delivered whilst Alan himself has not been in the best of health.
If Alan knew that he was being nominated for an award he would be mortified, and state that he was just doing his job but in reality, he always goes over and above what would be reasonably expected of someone in this role.

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