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Support Services highly commended 2016 - Audrey Traynor and Emma Bridge

In our bid to close the vacancy gap for paramedics working at North East Ambulance Service, we decided to follow other Trusts and embark upon some international recruitment last year. 

Though proving to be a success, international recruitment is far more complex than employing people who are already UK, if not North East, residents.  Audrey and Emma are part of the recruitment team who have been helping to manage this, working far beyond their usual remit to ensure the international candidates have a warm welcome, a smooth relocation and as good an experience as possible in the UK.  

The key to success in any relocation process is supporting the candidates outside of work and getting existing candidates to re-assure new joiners. If candidates have a poor experience, it doesn’t only affect their ability at work, but it can also impact other potential new joiners.   The sooner the recruits are settled, the sooner they can support our patients.  To make that possible, Emma and Audrey have done everything from collecting candidates from the airport late at night, helping them get set up with meals and food when they arrive at their own expense and supporting them to sort bank accounts and national insurance numbers, to driving them to appointments, helping them find and settle in to their accommodation and acting as a point of contact during their initial arrival. This was all in addition to their day to day work.

Feedback from the international candidates about the two has been fantastic and it’s clear that without their commitment, our new recruits might not have felt so at home.

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