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Senior Manager 2016 highly commended - Claire Jobling

Claire was singled out in this year’s nominations for the magnificent support she has given her colleagues through difficult personal circumstances.
Her caring and approachable nature is credited for helping them become the people they are today. Claire’s colleagues wanted to speak on everyone’s behalf to recognise her for her genuine far reaching support for their team, who have experienced a number of difficult personal circumstances over the past few years, including the loss of family members, family breakdowns and ill health.
Knowing how difficult it can be to juggle work commitments and personal upheaval, they felt recognition at staff awards was the perfect way to show her that what she does every day is appreciated. Having ‘perfected the balance between supporting and valuing every member of her team and following process’,
Claire is considered to be honest and going ‘above and beyond’ to support staff to manage work commitments during difficult times in their lives.
She is highly respected for having worked hard when she was on the road and has a unique ability to recognise when her staff become
disheartened and support them when problems arise. One said, “It may seem like this manager was simply doing her job, but the right amount of
understanding, humanity, empathy and compassion, coupled with her endless support has not only helped me through a massive transitional period, but helped me find the strength to not only return to work but to set up a support page for other people suffering with mental health problems.”
Described as a brilliant coach and mentor, Claire is also recognised as helping other frontline managers with expert guidance that will help them give the same level of support to others, whilst respecting them as developing leaders within the organisation.

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