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Senior Manager 2016 winner - Clare Graham

Clare Graham
Clare Graham is one of the Trust’s Emergency Care Clinical Managers,
supporting a team of emergency care staff at the front line.
This year Clare has supported the delivery of a new electronic patient care record and zoll defibrillator training programme for 1400 operational staff. Regularly delivering training on her days off, Clare’s keenness has meant thatthe quality of training was delivered to an extremely high standard, which made the transition to a new system a lot easier, ensuring that patient records are completed well and ultimately improving patient outcomes in the long term.

Her willingness to understand the system inside out meant that she was able to pass on her knowledge on training courses and out on the road if
Clare is described in one nomination as having positively influenced a number of staff at Pallion following episodes of difficult absence from work for complicated medical reasons and bereavement and she herself
was responsible for making a number of nominations for her colleagues and other parts of the trust, keen to ensure the work of others was highlighted.
Others reflected on Clare as approachable, professional, caring,
compassionate, knowledgeable, forward thinking and always going the extra mile to support staff. She regularly contacts and supports staff outside of her contractual working hours, understands the current difficulties within emergency care and is always forthcoming with suggestions to make improvements to give a first class service for patients.
Amongst the many nominations for Clare was one from her husband, who, despite accepting he is completely biased, explains, “I know that Clare would bleed green if you cut her. She is an ECCM 24 hours a day – often leaving me a lonely husband, but I wouldn't change it - I sit and admire her enthusiasm. She won’t have a bad word said against the service; she fights tooth and nail to get a positive outcome.”
He believes the service would be a lot worse off without Clare and was crossing his fingers in the lead up to the awards ceremony in the hope that she would be recognised by the for all her hard work.

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