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Team of the Year 2016 winner - Driver Training

Driver trainingAmbulance staff drive millions of miles on the region’s roads each year and the safety of them, our patients and other road users is one of our highest priorities.
The Trust has five driver trainers who work tirelessly with all operational staff at some point, from apprentices starting out, to international colleagues working to become compliant with the requirements of the UK highways.
They include Kevin Curry, Dave Bulmer, Tom Fortune, Ray Forsyth & Mick Nichol.
Driver training is the foundation stone of all of the training that we do for new staff coming into the Trust. The driver training team are often the first members of staff new recruits come into contact with and the professionalism, pride and commitment of what they do embodies the Trust’s Mission, Vision and Values, enabling staff to provide a patient
centred service.
The Team train approximately 250 staff each year working from Lanchester Road Hospital. They carry out pre-employment assessments for recruitment, deliver driver training programmes for every bit of the organisation and vehicle familiarisation to a high standard.
The team provides a highly visible means of publicity for the organisation covering over 60 thousand, high speed miles per year, with few, if any, collisions. And due to the nature of the training, the team often come across other road traffic collisions where they can be first on scene to manage an incident until the arrival of an emergency care crew.

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