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Unsung Hero 2016 winner - Iain Scott

Iain ScottEmergency Care Assistant in Berwick, Iain Scott starts every shift 20 minutes early, or stays back 20 minutes late to be sure that his vehicle is prepared for the next shift, which minimises the amount of time the vehicle needs to be off the road for things like restocking.
Iain runs the station social fund and tea fund in his own time, which contributes greatly to station morale. He utilises every minute of his spare time on station, controlling stores, and ensuring station admin is up to date and available to staff.
Iain keeps all staff ESR numbers and books on to the vehicle for his colleagues and places their equipment on the vehicle, before they even arrive on station.
He is described as always going the extra mile for patients. He is well known to all our locals, and on many occasions has called upon patients to convey messages, personal belongings or even check on their pets, all in his own time, without thought for himself.
Ian has sacrificed his meal breaks on several occasions in order to attend emergency calls, often going many hours without a break. He never complains.
In winter months even pre warms the vehicle for vulnerable elderly patients.
His used his persuasive charm recently to encourage a reluctant patient with a life threatening illness to travel to hospital, by volunteering his own time to assist with the patient’s welfare requests, which probably saved the life of the patient involved.
Often going beyond the call of duty, Iain is one in a million, a truly ‘unsung’ hero

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