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Patient Transport Service winner 2016 - Terry Durant

Terry Durant

In April this year, Ambulance Care Assistant, Terry Durant was driving on the A19 when he notice a member of the public attempting to jump off one of the fly overs. 

He stopped to help, putting himself at risk, talked the person down, got them into a place of safety and called for assistance, whilst still supporting the person’s needs.  He even insisted on accompanying them to hospital once an emergency care crew arrived to support the patient. 

The patient was then able to access much needed treatment and is hopefully now on a road to recovery.

As part of an organisation whose mission it is to save lives, Terry was in the right place at the right time.  Despite having had no formal training in dealing with such a stressful situation, Terry’s intervention most likely saved this person’s life and prevented major disruption and possible harm that could have been inflicted on the road users below.

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