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Innovation of the Year 2016 winner - Trauma Team

Trauma teamThe Trust’s trauma team was created in 2012 and has consistently undertaken extra duties and research to improve patient care throughout the Northern Trauma Network and North East Ambulance Service.
The team work in partnership with other agencies to promote public health, developing pre-hospital knowledge in trauma workshops and multi-discipline working.

This has improved patient outcomes for those patients experiencing major trauma. Using contemporary research into major trauma, the team have challenged preconceived paradigms in major trauma and changed current trauma care practices, much of which has been undertaken by staff using their own initiative and in their own time.
Since the development of the team, North East Ambulance Service has exceeded national expectations with regard to trauma care at a regional and national level. In the most recent peer review of national and regional major trauma services, NEAS was one of only three services to have 100% compliance with no significant concerns or immediate risks.
More lives are being saved each year due to improved trauma care and bypassing local hospitals for definitive care at Major Trauma Centres.

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