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Outstanding Mentor winner 2016 - Trevor Ulph

Trevor UlphTrevor first experienced the patient transport service when he was a full time carer for his son, Jonny, travelling with him to and from appointments for treatment. 

A former bus driver, Trevor was so taken with the service, when the opportunity arose, he decided to apply so that he could give back some of the care and compassion that he and his son had received, to others.  

Trevor has been the mentor for Patient Transport Service apprentices at Gateshead station for two years, during which time he has mentored 2 apprentices who have both gone on to win the coveted NHS North of England apprentice of the year as well as securing permanent positions with the Trust. 

Trevor takes his role as a mentor extremely seriously, taking his time to bring on the apprentices with a cool and level headed approach.  With Trevor’s guidance, the people he supported are given a good grounding so that they become first rate employees within NEAS, which has a positive knock on affect to patient care. 

Some of the things Trevor’s apprentices say of their mentor in their nominations:

“I did a little fist pump when Trevor said ‘I’m your mentor’ because of how welcome he made me feel - everyone knows how daunting it is starting somewhere a new job”,

“Trevor took me through everything, showing me easy, but the right way, to do things, including how to deal with certain situations and how to spot safeguarding issues”,

“Trevor has continued to support me not only in work time but out of work time as well and I think that deserves an award in its self because he’s not getting paid for it and that just shows what type of man he is!”,

“He is a mentor but he is also a role model”,

“Every patient was over the moon when Trevor and I turned up to their door - he is the face of NEAS and patients love him!”,

“Trevor still continues to give me advice even though I'm now in emergency care. He taught me the true meaning of caring for each and every patient and treating everyone the same, using the 6 C's along the way”,

“Trevor not only goes out the way for staff members but for the patients, taking time out of his shift to make sure patients are safe at home and comfortable throughout their journey.” 

His legacy doesn’t stop there.  For those of you who don’t know Trevor, he’s not only mentored some of our finest apprentices, but his inspiration began much closer to home, where his daughter Sarah first considered joining the Trust as well.  ow serving as a paramedic, having been with the service for eight years, Sarah is possibly the most proud of Trevor, who will forever be her hero.

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