Mentor of the Year award winner

This award recognises an educator and is open to any individual who either educates, mentors and supports others to help them develop new skills. 

Hot on the heels of a regional award win at the 2017 National Apprenticeship Awards, team leader Amanda has added a NEAS award to the list.

Apprentices working within NEAS are its future lifeblood and they are carefully nurtured to develop into skilled and talented employees. Responsible for this within the Trust’s south division is Amanda.

Amanda has an excellent understanding of apprenticeship programmes and how they can contribute to the success of both individuals and the wider organisation. She provides guidance and constructive feedback to the apprentices to help them develop and progress within their role and eventually transforming them into skilled individuals who embody our values and make a difference to people’s lives.

Recognised as a great role model, Amanda values ongoing learning, not just for the apprentices but also her own personal development.

She is currently undertaking an advanced apprenticeship programme to achieve a level 3 diploma in management and uses her learning journey and own personal experience to guide and support the Trust’s apprentices so they can successfully complete their studies.

As well as regularly attending careers events, Amanda visits many FE colleges in her spare time to promote NEAS. This has been a huge success in raising the profile of NEAS as a great employer and in creating new networks for the Trust to engage with.

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