Public Nomination Award winner

This award is nominated by patients or relatives and acknowledges a person or team who through their excellent care and approach, made a significant impact.  Our patients are at the centre of everything that we do and it is essential that they feel cared for whilst they are using our services. 

Ambulance care assistant Maurice is a dedicated driver for Walkergate Park Hospital - a special facility for people with a disability affecting the brain, spinal cord or muscles.

Described as a lifeline for the hospital’s patients, Maurice provides a service which regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty.

In fact, Maurice works so closely with the team at Walkergate Park, he is often mistaken as being part of Neurorehabilitation Services rather than NEAS staff.

There are numerous examples of how Maurice makes a difference to the lives of those at Walkergate Park. From the exceptionally caring way he deals with patients with extremely complex physical, cognitive and behavioural difficulties to the extra work he regularly takes on, Maurice is always committed to providing the very best service.

In the last three years, he has gained extensive knowledge of neurological conditions and the associated communication issues and management strategies so he can interact effectively with patients. Maurice treats every individual appropriately to their unique needs.

As the person nominating Maurice was keen to point out: “From hospital appointments and home visits to quality of life outings or wearing Santa hats, bunny ears and witches’ noses, Maurice never fails to oblige. Please help us to show him how much he is appreciated by the staff and more importantly the patients he serves.”

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