Chairman's award

Winner: Dave Morgan

Dave Morgan

This year we received a total of 5 separate nominations for our Chairman’s Award winner, Dave Morgan, for his individual achievements, as well as recognition as part of a formidable team and for their innovating work, which will transform our service.

Although Dave may feel his achievements were a team effort, what’s clear from this year’s nominations is that without his contribution and motivation, the outcomes would not have been the same. 

Judges found it difficult to ignore the enormous amount of respect colleagues at every level across the Trust hold him.

In the words of the people nominating our winner, Dave is described as ‘passionate about patient care and the people who provide it’, ‘a pleasure to work with’ and ‘a driving force’ – individual qualities that truly made him stand out. 

One person nominating him said that his persona embodies the values of NEAS and that it was difficult not to be enthused and excited by his achievements.

Dave started his career here in April 2007 as an ambulance care assistant for the patient transport in the south division on bank before he took up a role in July that year as ambulance care assistant in Coulby Newham.  Just a few months later he became an Emergency Care Support Worker at Coulby in the December.  He moved to Billingham in the following October. 

Determined to keep developing, he started his student paramedic training at Teesside University in 2009 and qualified as a paramedic two years later.  Dave worked at the frontline of our service caring for patients for six years until he became one of the first clinical care managers in Stockton in April 2015.

This year he took the seeds of an idea he had in the early part of his career as a CCM and made it a reality.  His goal was to create a system that could improve outcomes for patients and help frontline staff with their personal development and the quality of care they give.  As a manager of frontline colleagues and a clinician himself, he could see the power that a system like that could have.

Like any challenging project, along the way there were a number of times when he felt his goal might not be achievable.  But Dave tells his own stories about how patients and their relatives gave him the inspiration he needed to persevere. 

He sought out the team of specialists he knew was needed and he championed it across the organisation.  And as a result, we are now rolling out the CARE system, which has won its own award in our innovation category.

Against all the odds Dave overcame personal, departmental, technical and geographic obstacles in reaching his goal.  The phenomenal efforts he has invested personally and professionally and his general attitude to work have driven by his own determination and the benefits he could generate for patient care.

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