Emergency Operations Centre

Winner: Kerri Corbett

EOCKerri is described by her team as being absolutely brilliant at providing direct care to patients and she entirely deserves to be recognised for saving lives.

Kerri is an asset to NEAS in being committed to delivering compassionate care to patients and their families as a call handler.

Kerri has received appreciations from two patients following her actions when dealing with an emergency situation.

One of Kerri’s patients was in cardiac arrest on a football field. From the outset, there was a great sense of panic amongst the patient’s colleagues but Kerri provided essential CPR instructions within the first crucial minutes of the incident to inexperienced people, which kept the patient’s heart pumping whilst the crew were on their way.

Kerri was outstanding throughout the call and provided clear instructions and support to the patient’s colleagues, who became overwhelmed during the call. Kerri was able to control the situation even though she was not present at the scene and ultimately gave him the best chance of survival and ended up saving his life.

The paramedics praised the support provided by Kerri and said that they didn’t think the patient would of survived the cardiac arrest, if it wasn’t for Kerri providing the vital information for the patients colleagues to start CPR.

A second patient Kerri encountered suffered an epileptic fit. Kerri was faced with managing the situation by communicating with a four year child who was the patient’s daughter. This extremely difficult incident that Kerri dealt with meant she had to build a rapport with the patient’s daughter to keep her on the phone, whilst conducting a safeguarding check of the child and their siblings.

With carefully phrased questions, Kerri was able to correctly triage the call as a fit and prepared the paramedics with their arrival to be able to quickly and effectively treat the patient’s condition, whilst being mindful of the two other infant children at the property.

Kerri is a great advocate for NEAS and was also selected to lead the call operator campaign in which she gave an insight into what the job is like, helping contribute to call operator applications.

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