Senior manager or leader

Winner: Danielle Williamson


Danielle has been awarded for her success as a manager which has been noticed by the panel of judges in the amount of praise she has received from her team.

Danielle welcomed each and every member of her team to NEAS and has supported them throughout all aspects of their career and personal circumstances, which has created a culture of openness and honesty throughout her team.

Danielle’s role, as well as all roles within NEAS, is pivotal to the organisation as contact centre team leader but the amount of respect and care she has for the individuals within her team is why she deserves to be manager/ leader of the year.

Danielle has built a strong rapport with each individual and supports personal circumstances that people may be faced with in her team. Every NEAS employee is respected throughout the organisation and this also includes receiving support to deal with personal issues that might be affecting work performance.

Danielle has created an atmosphere within her team that is enviable and inspiring to other leaders as she has enabled people to feel comfortable approaching her with an issue that is sometimes related to personal circumstances. Danielle has supported employees through hard times in their lives and in turn, they have felt more motivated to work for NEAS as through Dannielle, they have such a strong support network around them.

Some of Danielle’s team have commented, “Danielle deserves this award as she always goes above and beyond in everything she does. I cannot thank her enough for the support she continues to give myself and the team. She is so approachable and nothing is ever too much trouble.  She doesn’t get half the recognition she deserves.”

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