Student of the year

Winner: Katie Smith


Katie has been described by her colleagues and fellow students of having an extremely outgoing personality and is very enthusiastic wherever she goes.

Beneath this bubbly personality is a worker that is focused, caring and professional and who is passionate about the NHS and to fulfil her goal as a paramedic.

She is a single mother of three children who made the decision to take charge of her life and made a bold personal decision to leave a secure well paid job, take a pay cut and train to become a paramedic, which is the job of her dreams.

Katie has created an impression with colleagues and patients alike with her optimism and the pure enjoyment she receives from working in the NHS. She has grasped this opportunity with both hands, constantly questioning procedures and learning from whoever she works with.

She has a presence which is impossible to ignore and a great ability to communicate with whoever she may come into contact with.

Behind this infectious persona is a deeply passionate, caring and hardworking individual whose sole motivation is to improve the wellbeing of others.

Her colleague said, “I have witnessed how she brings a smile to patients faces through her positive attitude, whilst unknown to the patient, she is quietly assessing the situation and how they are coping, to deliver the best care for them.”

Katie is a one off, she is a reliable and conscientious individual who can be trusted to represent NEAS in a positive light.

Katie has already secured her place at Sunderland University and grows ever closer to achieving her lifelong ambition.

“I can think of no better accolade to recognise her hard work and dedication than by naming her as student of the year.”

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