Clinical care assistant, Trevor Merry

Name: Trevor Merry

Where and when did your career in the Trust start?

November 2019.

What are you doing now?

I am three months into the clinical care assistant apprenticeship.

How has the apprenticeship programme you completed helped you on your journey?

I came into this apprenticeship in my mid forties and it has given me a chance to begin a career which I had always coveted but never had the chance to do.  

After a 20 year career working for a global giant in the private sector, I was made redundant and luckily applied for an NHS post in Pathology.  This role gave me the grounding I needed and I applied for the role of CCA at NEAS and I am now three months into my apprenticeship and really enjoying my work.  It is a huge commitment and hard work but I will gain a Level 3 certificate by the end of this year and hopefully I will be able to continue through my Level 4 all the way to my goal of becoming a registered Paramedic.

The training I am receiving is first class, support from tutors and peers is unbelievable, I have made friends for life and never thought at my age I would be beginning a career which I’ve always dreamed of doing!

Now I get the chance to make a difference to the lives of my patients and I am very proud of that responsibility!

Trevor Merry

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