Staff health and wellbeing

Every day in an emergency service is different. You never know what's in store each day.

Although this can be exciting, the uncertainty, together with the demands of shift work and any personal issues happening at home, can take its toll on the mental health of our employees.

Without our employees, we couldn’t support our patients. It’s important to us that we look after them.

five women wearing uniform

Our award-winning nationally accredited occupational health team help us look after our employees’ physical and psychological health and well-being.

We offer:

  • Pre-employment health assessment
  • Health surveillance, including medicals for operational colleagues who need to drive as part of their role
  • Mobile vaccination service
  • Health promotion, advice and guidance
  • Flu jabs and other immunisations
  • Rapid-access physiotherapy within 15 mile radius of employee base
  • Workplace assessments and back care advice
  • Confidential counselling or clinical psychology services
  • Advice on workplace and other issues

NEAS Mental Maintenance cartoon image of people talking

In 2022, we appointed our first staff psychological wellbeing advisor and launched the NEAS Mental Maintenance programme with the aim of improving mental health support for colleagues and make mental health part of everyday conversation.

NEAS Mental Maintenance aims to change the way we think about mental health as something to be maintained regularly, rather than only attending in a crisis. We want to inspire colleagues to take ownership of their mental health through education and peer support.

Our programme includes:

  • A personalised plan which allows employees to think about how they can manage their own mental health, understanding what works for them, when they need help and what tools they can use
  • An employee toolkit designed to educate on mental health, with information on different conditions and signposting to further support
  • A toolkit for managers to help them look after themselves and support their teams
  • A suicide prevention and postvention toolkit to help support and educate on the risks of suicide within the workplace. It provides support for those having suicidal thoughts or for anyone supporting someone in that position.