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The North East is well connected by an extensive road and rail network, which makes it easy to get out and about in the region. You can travel between most major towns and cities in under an hour, and the region has some of the lowest commuting times in the country.

The North East is also set to benefit from a multibillion-pound government investment to further improve transport links over the next ten years.


The North East has some of the least congested roads in the country, meaning a lot less time is spent sitting in traffic. Within the region, major roads link the main towns and cities, with the Tyne Tunnel and bridges across the Tyne and Wear making access quicker and more convenient.

Outside the North East, the A1 connects the region with London and Edinburgh, and other cities, such as Birmingham and Manchester, are very accessible by road.


Train stations in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham connect the region to London, with direct trains getting you there in under three hours. There are also frequent services to other major cities around the UK.

Within the region, our towns and cities are well-served by the rail network, and there are some impressive train rides to take. Whether you’re on a high-speed train zipping past the Northumberland countryside, or taking it slow by the coast, there are some stunning railway journeys in our region.

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Newcastle International Airport provides a first-class service offering flights to over 80 worldwide destinations, including daily flights to Dubai, Amsterdam and Paris. 

For UK travel, the airport services up to five flights a day to Heathrow and a frequent service to Aberdeen airport.

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With a well-developed bus network, everywhere in the region is accessible by bus. Whether you’re travelling through Newcastle or you’re exploring the Northumberland countryside, you’ll be able to find a bus service to get you there.

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The award-winning Tyne and Wear Nexus Metro system has 60 stations across the region. Serving Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland, a train runs every 12 minutes, making the metro a quick and easy way to get around the region.

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