Training team

6bf9e053-333c-405e-82f1-815ec023a355 copy.jpegTraining and development is a key part of the ambulance service, and we have a team dedicated to ensuring Team NEAS colleagues have the right skills required to support our patients.

Working from our training facilities in Team Valley, our training team is responsible for the training, development and education of all NEAS colleagues, as well providing external training and education for customers from other organisations. 


Their support includes:

  • Statutory and mandatory education delivery and development
  • Apprenticeship delivery and development
  • Student placements for nurses, paramedics and other health care staff
  • Education development
  • Data/compliance reporting for training and appraisals
  • Digital education and development
  • CPD for all staff
  • Core course development and delivery
  • NQP support and education
  • Driver training and education
  • Library services
  • Maintaining the requirements for Ofsted and all other accrediting bodies
  • Education partner development with higher education establishments
  • Administration for all staff development
  • Information, advice and guidance for all staff

You can hear from some of our colleagues below

Robin Raymond

Driver training officer Robin Raymond talks about his role within the training school and how he feels about working within the ambulance service.


Jason O'Connell

Clinical education officer Jason O'Connell talks about his career in the ambulance service so far and how he feels about his current role within the training team.


Molly Sheehan

Student paramedic apprentice Molly Sheehan talks about the training she receives, both within the training school and out on the road in the ambulance.


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