Emergency care assistant, Hannah Greenacre

Name: Hannah Greenacre

Age: 24

Where and when did your career in the Trust start?

I started my career in the Ambulance service in 2014. 

What apprenticeship did you complete?

I completed the PTS apprenticeship at Ashington studying customer service.

What are you doing now?

I then applied for the role of emergency care assistant which I have been doing for five years now.

How has the apprenticeship programme you completed helped you on your journey?

I would recommend doing an apprenticeship with the ambulance service especially if you are wanting to progress within the service. It gave me confidence to be able to communicate with patients and families which is vital in our role. My plans for the future are to progress onto a Paramedic course and eventually become a palliative care Paramedic. 

Hannah Greenacre

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