IT service desk technician, Jack Mortson

Name: Jack Mortson 

Age: 24

Where and when did your career in the Trust start?

My career started in the training admin team in October 2018. 

What apprenticeship did you complete?

I completed the business & administration level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship).

What are you doing now?

I currently work as a an IT service desk technican here at NEAS.

How has the apprenticeship programme you completed helped you on your journey?

The apprenticeship program helped me a great deal by giving me both the level three qualification I wanted and the IT qualification I missed at high school, enabling me to get into my role in the IT department.

It also gave me a chance to work alongside a wide range of other people and as well as kickstart my career in the NHS. I couldn’t recommend an apprenticeship enough, especially somewhere like NEAS where it enables some amazing opportunities.

 Jack Mortson

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