Patient care apprentice Stuart Graham

I chose to apply for the non-urgent care services apprenticeship as it is opens up a gateway to various opportunities within the Trust and helps me to continue on my passion for working within the health care sector, especially in the emergency services. Seeing the apprenticeship advertised, I knew it could lead to some amazing roles within NEAS. Both of my parents work for NEAS and I feel I’ve followed in their footsteps.
The role I applied for was on scheduled care which includes the transportation of patients to and from home to hospital and some low acuity emergency work. This apprenticeship suited me the most as I get to spend time with regular patients from all different backgrounds, which allows me to develop inter-personal skills.

Stuart Graham

When applying for the apprenticeship, I had actually considered going to university to study the paramedic course to join at a more clinical level within emergency operations. In the end I decided against it as I felt this apprenticeship is more vocational and I get to learn hands on experience with learning whilst on the road. I feel this route has been the most beneficial for me.

My proudest achievement whilst on this apprenticeship has to be the opportunity of working on the care and transport vehicles, which cover scheduled transport patients as well as patients who need the support of the ambulance service but are not an emergency, which allows paramedics to respond to more serious emergencies. This role helped me develop certain skills which can be transferred into more clinical roles in the future. It was a pleasure to be given this opportunity.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the work I undertake on a daily basis has changed a lot as we get updates on infection control procedures and standard practising guidelines within uncertain situations. Before the outbreak, we would usually have more patients travelling on a vehicle but now it’s only one or two and a single crew member is assigned to each vehicle. We all have to wear our PPE at all times now. Seeing many more severely poorly patients has increased and this means we have to adapt the way we deal with the transport of patients to hospital. The world we currently live in is frightening at times, but completing this apprenticeship has actually uplifted me in a sense that I’ve been able to care for people and make sure they are comfortable.

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