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NEAS recognises that relocation expenses can be an integral part of the recruitment process and can be used as part of an overall employment package to ensure the appropriate people with the right skills are attracted and recruited into the Trust.

This may apply where we have identified a local shortfall in certain positions or where a role has been advertised on more than three occasions with no appointment. In order to fill these vacancies the Trust may need to recruit from outside of the area and therefore offer a relocation package of up to £4,000.

The following additional criteria is often needed to be met:

  • Successful applicants must be appointed on a permanent contract
  • Applicants must have commenced in post and have all necessary invoices/receipts/statements, where possible, come direct from the relevant company presented on headed paper
  • Applicants are required to change their sole or main residence as a result of starting their employment with theTrust
  • Applicants currently reside more than 30 miles from the Trust’s operational boundary and are prepared to move to live within a 30 mile radius of the base point* 
    • *Exceptions to this must be approved by the Director of People and Development, and Director of Finance and Resources.
  • Applicants must change residence within 12 months of taking up their new post with the Trust or the right to claim relocation expenses will be removed
  • Applicants must not have received a redundancy payment from another NHS organisation

Temporary, fixed term and bank staff are specifically excluded.

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Eligibility and more information:

To find out if the role you’re interested in is eligible for you to claim relocation, and to get a copy of the policy and supporting documents please contact

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