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Student Paramedic Blog 2018

A new cohort of 21 student paramedics have started their two year course with us and Sunderland University. We will be following them through their journey to becoming paramedics from classroom based training to their time out on the road and everything in between.

New cohort

Week 6

It's the sixth week of training for our student paramedics. This week they're back in the classroom learning about evidence based practice and brushing up on essay writing skills. 
Our student paramedics will also being learning about the immune system, clinical skills of Basic Life Support,  Advanced Life Support, cannulation, Intraosseous infusion (IO) which is the process of injecting directly into the marrow of a bone.
And after all that, later in the week the students will have a lecture on supporting those with learning disabilities as well as continuing with Pharmacology learning.
Week 6 classroom

Week 5

Now in their fifth week of training, our big hearted year one student paramedic cohort has been celebrating one of their colleagues birthdays and learning all about the cardiovascular system. Back in the classroom after 2 weeks observing different parts of the service and supporting the Trust through the heavy snow, they have been getting to grips with hearts to learn more about the valves and chambers and what keeps them pumping. The rest of the week they will be looking into evidence based practice, mental health and pharmacology at the University of Sunderland. But not before they've eaten all the cake!


Week 4

Our student paramedics have spent this week continuing with their observations. They have spent some time in the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the clinical hub, with call operators learning about how calls are triaged and dispatch teams learning how resources are allocated. They have also been accompanying scheduled care crews this week to gain an understanding on how they operate, and they’ve had a chance to meet our routine and dialysis scheduled care patients and hear their views on the service. During the snowy weather, some of our student paramedics have been helping clear the snow at Stanley ambulance station.

SnowStudents in the EOC

Week 3

This week our student paramedics have had an opportunity to get out of the classroom and start their observations. The student paramedics spent some time in the Emergency Operations Centre, out with scheduled care crews and finally visiting the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) for an introduction to attending major incidents and to gain an understanding and learn about their capabilities and roles. The group have also began training using a defibrillator which will continue into next week's training schedule as well as continuing with observatons.

Student paras at HARTZolzol group

Week 2

Our student paramedics are now in their second week of their Paramedic Practice course, with a busy week last week having inductions and familiarising themselves with the university, the cohort are now starting their modules. Dividing their time at the NEAS training school and Sunderland university, their training modules include: Introduction to applied human sciences, The respiratory system, clinical skills – safe use of medical gasses, introduction to pharmacology and more.

first post 4first post 3

Week 1

The new student paramedics have already undergone their driver training course and have started attending lectures at university.

Meet Jack Bell (left), one of our newest recruits to the new cohort of 21 student paramedics beginning their training with us. Following a 4 week intensive driving course, he has just completed his first week in the classroom.

He said: “We’ve learned how to drive an emergency ambulance quickly, but also safely and driving about on blue lights was an amazing experience but I’ve learnt that you don’t have to go quickly to get very far. It’s been great meeting all the rest of... the students on the course.

"This week we did a manual handling day and learned techniques that will be useful for me at home. My Grandad has poor mobility and often falls, so I can now help him off the floor safely. Yesterday we started official lectures at Sunderland University - I know there’s a lot I need to learn but I am already looking forward to next week when we start clinical work.”

Student paramedic cohort

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