Patient Transport Service

PTSThe North East Ambulance Service transports over 4,000 patients each day, to and from treatment centres across the North of England and parts of Scotland. 

PTS is an important operational service for NEAS. Non-emergency transport for patients can be booked by doctors, dentists and midwives, although the responsibility is often devolved to doctors' receptionists and hospital staff.

PTS vehicles are designed for the comfort and safety of the patients and the latest vehicles have more space for wheel-chair users and tail lifts for convenience. There are 350 staff providing an essential service for people with a medical need.


The Patient Transport Service conveys a wide range of patients to and from their homes to out-patients' appointments, clinics, physiotherapy or non-urgent inter-hospital transfers. On average PTS crews carry over 1 million patients every year, which involves over 4500 journeys per day. 

Crews are trained as ambulance care assistants with specialist knowledge of comprehensive first aid, driving skills and patient moving and handling techniques.

All PTS staff and volunteers are dedicated to reach the highest standards of care, and to exceed the government target of 95% of patients arriving within 30 minutes of their appointments. In fact, over the last year, 97% of patients arrived before or on time for their appointments.

Volunteer Ambulance Car Drivers (ACS)

Volunteer ambulance car drivers are among the unsung heroes of the ambulance service!

Ambulance Car Service Drivers(ACS) are volunteers who use their own vehicles to help with the transportation of patients to and from hospitals and clinics, thereby leaving ambulances free for emergencies and for patients too ill to travel by car. We currently have over 150 volunteers helping out throughout the North East.

Online Booking

Non emergency ambulance transport can now be booked over the NHS web. 

Over 200 GP surgeries are now on line and booked directly into the NEAS scheduling computer. 

Any other surgeries who are interested in using the on-line system should email 

Cancelling Booked Transport

If you need to cancel transport you should call 0300 111 0247



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