Key roles and definitions

Checking the qualifications of your first aid and medical providers

If you’re organising an event, we advise you to check the qualifications of staff being supplied by your first aid and medical providers.

It’s essential that they hold the required qualifications to ensure the safety of everyone at your event. For reassurance, consider asking for evidence from providers, such as certificates, and where staff hold professional registrations, online checks can be made with professional bodies.

Here are some key roles and qualifications that would be expected of first aid and medical providers:


A medical professional who specialises in emergency treatment and holds a current registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

They should have immediate access to drugs and equipment to enable them to provide urgent medical care in an emergency, including resuscitation drugs and pain relief.

Ambulance technician

Someone who works with paramedics on an ambulance to deliver pre-hospital emergency care. 

They should have completed ambulance service training at The Institute of Health Care Development (IHCD), or at another recognised emergency medical technician training organisation.

Ambulance care assistant

Someone who is involved in the transportation of non-emergency patients from their home to hospital and clinic appointments. They should hold a certificate to operate an ambulance, issued by the NHS or another private ambulance service, and have basic first aid and life support training.


A registered nurse is someone who has completed their nursing training and is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK. Registration numbers can be checked online at the NMC website. 


A doctor should be registered with the UK General Medical Council and included on their List of Registered Medical Practitioners. They should have access to their own medical equipment and drugs suitable for the type of event they’re providing cover for. Registration numbers can be checked online at the GMC website.