Our policies and procedures

In this section you'll find our current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services.

Policies and procedures relating to recruitment and employment

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Dignity at work policy Dignity_at_Work_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.23 MB
PDF file icon Family friendly policy Family_Friendly_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.53 MB
PDF file icon Grievance policy Grievance_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.28 MB
PDF file icon Recruitment policy Recruitment_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.27 MB
PDF file icon Sickness absence policy Sickness_Absence_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.47 MB
PDF file icon Disclosure and barring service (DBS) policy Disclosure_and_Barring_Service_DBS_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.22 MB
PDF file icon Investigation and disciplinary policy Investigation_and_Disciplinary_Policy.pdf 24/01/2024 0.34 MB

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policies

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Fit and proper persons procedure (2020) fit_and_proper_persons_procedure_2020.pdf 23/01/2024 0.29 MB
PDF file icon Equality, diversion and inclusion policy Equality_Diversion_and_Inclusion_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.25 MB

Conduct of Business, Provision of Services and Key Governance Documentation

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Standing financial instructions (2024) Standing_Financial_Instructions_1.pdf 23/01/2024 0.66 MB
PDF file icon Risk management policy Risk_Management_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.54 MB
PDF file icon Scheme of reservation and delegation (2024) Scheme_of_Reservation_and_Delegation.pdf 23/01/2024 0.59 MB
PDF file icon Learning from deaths policy Learning_From_Deaths.pdf 23/01/2024 0.34 MB
DOCX file icon Health and safety organisation and responsibilities policy health_and_safety_organisation_and_responsibilities_policy.docx 23/01/2024 1.15 MB
PDF file icon Constitution and standing orders (2022) Constitution_and_Standing_Orders_2022.pdf 23/01/2024 1.25 MB
PDF file icon Complaints handling policy (2023) Complaints_Handling_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.29 MB
DOCX file icon Standards of business conduct policy (including gifts and hospitality) Standards_of_Business_Conduct_Policy.docx 24/01/2024 0.27 MB
PDF file icon Counter fraud, bribery and corruption policy Counter_fraud_and_bribery_policy.pdf 24/01/2024 0.58 MB

Data Protection / Information Governance / Caldicott Guardian

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Information security and confidentiality agreement Information_Security_and_Confidentiality_Agreement.pdf 23/01/2024 0.18 MB
DOCX file icon Email usage policy email_usage.docx 23/01/2024 0.40 MB
DOCX file icon Caldicott approval form blank_caldicott_approval_form.docx 23/01/2024 0.42 MB
PDF file icon Freedom of information policy Freedom_of_Information_Policy.pdf 23/01/2024 0.23 MB


Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Estates strategy estates_strategy_2015-25_v_3.0.pdf 23/01/2024 0.36 MB

Patient Safety Incident Response Plan

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Patient safety incident response plan (PSIRP) patient_safety_incident_response_plan__psirp__2023-24_nov_23.pdf 30/01/2024 0.71 MB
PDF file icon Patient safety incident response policy patient_safety_incident_response_policy_nov_23_98_.pdf 30/01/2024 0.70 MB

 The Board of Directors approved the Modern Slavery Statement for 2022 and it can be found here

Equality & Diversity annual reports

Equality Delivery System (EDS) Reports

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan

Positive Action Project annual report

Pride reports

Mela reports

Friends and family test (FFT) reports


Patient Survey annual report