Event planning

Providing guidance and medical cover at events across the region

If you’ve ever attended a large-scale event in the North East, it’s likely you’ve come across the work of our Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) Managers and also our Events Team.

From football matches and concerts to festivals and The Great North Run, our teams provide guidance and medical cover for a wide range of events in the North East.

Expert guidance

Ambulance Trusts form part of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), which means a Trust representative from the EPRR Team will offer guidance during the planning process for an event to ensure that every event has a detailed medical plan based on a comprehensive risk assessment.

Our EPRR managers review medical plans for large-scale events to make sure the right level of medical and first aid cover is present, and to ensure that suitable command and control arrangements are in place.

Our Events Team works closely with our EPRR Team to make sure that any event we are commissioned to support is safe for everyone.

Medical cover on the day

NEAS may be commissioned to provide medical cover at some events across the North East. If so, cover will be provided by operationally trained staff who are off duty from core shifts. For some larger events, a command structure may be in place which is provided by our trained commanders, ensuring events are as safe as possible.