111 online

Access quick medical advice online when it’s not a life-threatening emergency

NHS 111 online is a digital triage service that can give you advice on treating symptoms when it’s not a medical emergency. 111 online covers over 120 topics which cover the most common symptoms. 

Visiting 111 online

When you visit 111 online 111.nhs.uk you will be asked a series of triage questions about your main symptom. You won’t get a diagnosis, but you will find out what help you need.

Based on your answers, you will be told what to do next. This could be:

  • Getting a callback from a nurse
    A nurse will give you a call to discuss your symptoms and advise you on what to do next.
  • Referral to other urgent care services
    You might be referred to other urgent care services that you can visit yourself, such as A&E, an urgent treatment centre, a walk-in centre or evening and weekend GPs.
  • Contacting your GP
    During daytime weekday hours, you might be advised to contact your GP. 
  • Pharmacists
    Pharmacists can help with minor illnesses and also give you an emergency supply of some medicines if you’ve run out.
  • Selfcare
    If it’s safe to look after yourself, you’ll be told how to do that at home..