Rapid Response

Getting ahead of the ambulance crew to save lives

In life-threatening emergencies, when every second counts, our rapid response paramedics are sent ahead of the ambulance to start emergency treatment at the scene.

Rapid response paramedics work on their own across the North East. In most cases, they use cars so they can get through the traffic faster than a larger ambulance, which means they can treat patients before the ambulance crew arrives.

At some open-air events, rapid responders may use bikes to get through the crowds quickly.  Although used in some parts of the country, we don’t use motorbikes at NEAS.

Treating patients

All rapid response paramedics carry vital life-saving equipment and are fully trained to provide treatment on their own.

They can also assess a patient to see whether they definitely need treatment by an ambulance crew or whether other medical help might be more appropriate, such as treatment at a walk-in centre. This can leave ambulances free to attend other life-threatening emergencies.