Media enquiries

If you’re a journalist with a press enquiry, contact our communications team

The NEAS communications team is always keen to work with journalists to promote the work we do across the North East and share our news with the wider community.

We’re also here to answer questions from members of the media relating to our service or incidents that have taken place in the region.

Making an enquiry

If you’re a journalist with a question for the communications team, please email with your media enquiry.

Alternatively, you can call the communications team on 07559 918672.

How we can help

When you make a media enquiry, we can help you with:

  • Queries relating to recent press releases and news stories.
  • Questions about incidents that have happened in a public place. When enquiring about a specific incident, you will need to be able to tell us the road name where the incident took place and the time and date. The information shared will be in line with current legislation.
  • Interview requests relating to NEAS, including interviews with staff, volunteers and patients.
  • General questions about NEAS.
  • Filming requests on NEAS property and requests from TV production companies.

Information we can’t provide

When giving an incident statement, we’re unable to confirm the identity of the patient or their age. We’re also unable to share updates on patients who are no longer in the care of NEAS.