Foundation Trust

A Foundation Trust since 2011

The North East Ambulance Service became a Foundation Trust on 1 November 2011.

As an NHS Foundation Trust, we’re firmly part of the NHS, but we’re locally run and accountable to patients and staff rather than central government.

Local representation

People within the local community, staff and members of partner organisations can become members of the Trust to have a greater say in how our services are delivered and developed to meet the needs of local people.

This allows us to be more responsive to the changing needs and expectations of patients, ensuring we provide the best possible care for communities in the North East.

Members can be elected to a Council of Governors, where they represent the interests of local communities, patients, staff and partner organisations.

Meeting national targets

As all Foundation Trusts are part of the NHS, they are still required to meet national standards and targets, and they are regularly inspected.

An independent regulator, NHS Improvement, oversees all Foundation Trusts and checks that they remain compliant with the terms under which they are authorised to operate.