Community Visits

Community Visits 2

North East Ambulance Service NHS FoundationTrust is committed to working with the local community to raise the profile of our service and the work we do.

We offer free visits from our staff to your local fayre, nursery, school, college or group. 

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to attend all events due to the large number of requests we receive. We do not have full time staff covering these visits, they are done in the staff member's own time, so please understand if we are unable to cover your event on your first request.

We have a formal programme in place that can be tailored to differed age groups, which ensures that you get the most from the visit and take away as much knowledge as possible about your ambulance service. 

If you are interested in the North East Ambulance Service coming to visit you, please fill in the application form to the right, and remember to fill in the risk assessment form on the second page if you are requesting an ambulance to attend. To help us best manage our resources, only request a vehicle if it is an integral part of your event.

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Click here for an application form to request a visit to your organisation

Alternatively to request a form you can

email :

Please note that community visits are not a substitute for First Aid Cover and any staff that do attend a visit will not be able to act in this capacity. If you require first aid for an event, please contact our commercial services department


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