Life saving skills

Knowing what to do when you're faced with an emergency is really important. It could mean the difference between life and death. An emergency can happen anywhere and at any time - at home, in the playground, in the street or at work. By learning basic life saving skills, if the worst happens, you could step in and give someone the best possible chance of survival.

Click on the links below to learn more about CPR, how to use a defibrillator and to find your nearest defibrillator. You can also arrange a visit for your school or community group or find out more about our range of first aid and health and safety training to help keep you safe at work. 

Learn CPR

Defib Defib

Learn CPR with CPR Man

Meet our super hero CPR Man and find out how you can be hero by learning how to deliver CPR. Watch the CPR Man film here

Learn how to use a defibrillator 

Knowing how to use a defibrillator could help you save someone's life. Watch our new animated film to learn how to use a defibrillator

Community defibrillators

Find out more about community defibrillators, where your nearest defibrillator is and how your community can get one by clicking here

Life saving skills Restart a heart School Visits and Resources

First aid & health and safety training

We offer training to public, private and third sector organisations across the North East, including CPR and defibrillator courses, which could help save a life. To find out how we can help your organisation or group click here 

Restart a Heart Day

Every year we get involved in events and activities for Restart a Heart Day - a global initiative to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and help people learn CPR and life saving skills. Find out more about Restart a Heart Day here or visit the British Heart Foundation website

School and community visits

We visit schools and community groups to raise awareness of the ambulance service, the work we do and to help people learn life saving skills. Click here to find out more

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