No longer maintained defibrilator

When you see a community defibrilator (also known as a cPAD), it usually belongs to the organisation or community and it would be their responsibility to ensure that it is checked regularly, to establish that it is in good working order and that the defibrillator pads are in date.

cPAD sites should have at least one guardian but preferably two, who are responsible for checking the site, and logging their checks on The Circuit.

If regualr checks aren't logged, or a cPAD isn't marked as ready after it has been deployed, we need to take it off our system and it will not come up as a resource if a defib is needed for a patient.

Once this happens, we place a 'not in use' sticker on the device in order to inform its Guardian and community members that it is no longer deployable. 

Why has a 'not in use' poster been placed on the defib cabinet?

The defib has not been active in a long period of time so will not profile in a medical emergency.

Are you the Guardian and have an account on The Circuit?

If you are the Guardian for this defib, log in to your Circuit account and update your defib status to put the defib back to emergency ready.

Already the Guardian but no Circuit account?

Please create an account on The Circuit and register your defib.

What is the Circuit?

The Circuit is a national database to register your defibrillator and manage it from your account. If a defib is registered and is emergency ready, and there is a medical emergency within 500m of it, our health advisors can send someone to collect it.

The defib has no Guardian 

If a defib no longer has a guardian but you or the community would like to take over ownership and look after it, you will need to register the defib on The Circuit.  

If you require further information on how to look after the defib (replacing pads/batteries, etc) or further information in general you can email

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Registering a defibrilator

All publically accessible defibrilators should be registered on The Circuit, the national defibrilator network. 

This means that emergency services are aware of their locations and they can direct a caller to their nearest defib should one be required. 

  • To register you will need to create an account on The Circuit - the national defibrillator network
  • If your defib is only available when your business is open due to it being inside or behind locked gates, you must enter your opening times within the ‘accessible time section’
  • Once registered you will receive email notifications for when your defib has been accepted on an emergency, advising you to check your defib as your defib will be automatically stood down from service.
  • Once checked, if it is ok you need to log into your account and update the status
  • If you are not always available to check you can add a supporting guardian
  • You will receive email reminders when the pads are due to expire
  • You will receive regular email reminders if you have not checked and updated the status

Click here for additional instructions.

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