NEAS Staff Awards 2024: In the Spotlight... shortlist announced

30th May 2024

There's just one week to go until our NEAS Staff Awards 2024: In the Spotlight... and today we're sharing those who have been shortlisted across the 10 categories.

Excellence and Innovation

This award recognises an individual or team who have provided examples of excellent or outstanding work, the outcomes of which have enabled us to be at the forefront or specialist responsive care, as a dynamic integrated and outstanding service.

  • Angela Wales, dispatch manager
  • Holly Perry, 111 health advisor
  • Alun Ross, HART manager
  • Rachel Wood, staff experience practitioner 

Working in Partnership

This award recognises an individual or team who and actively listens, engages and effectively collaborates to make positive change and can provide examples of where this has led to an improvement in our services and patient experience.  

  • Carol Anne McLachlan, safer care manager
  • Shane Woodhouse, head of operations, south
  • Marianne Walton, EPRR manager
  • Working patterns team

Leader of the Year

Recognising individuals who have led their team in an inspiring way.

  • Barry Dews, head of patient transport service (PTS)
  • David Sunley, EOC team leader
  • Fay Ord, medicines manager
  • Stu Holliday, strategic head of EPRR

Education and Training

This award recognises a team or individual who has undertaken education or training and how this has positively impacted our patients, their work, their team or the Trust as a whole.  

  • EPRR training team
  • Gavin Riddle, driver training officer
  • Lauren Kay, paramedic apprentice year 3
  • Linda Gibson, senior clinical advisor
  • Philip Delaney, simulation education officer 

Compassionate Care

Compassionate care is at the heart of our organisation and the following individuals or teams have been recognised for demonstrating a positive and inclusive attitude towards others. 

  • Angela Davison, RRV paramedic, South Shields
  • Gail Savage, clinical team leader - Lanchester cluster and Stanley station
  • Iain Lawson, paramedic, Consett 
  • Jayne Elliott, paramedic 

Inclusion and Respect

This award recognises an individual or team who have delivered a specific project or initiative to proactively adopt better ways of working, and changed the way we deliver a service(s) to meet the specific needs of patients, or helped to celebrate our diverse workforce and supported us to foster an inclusive and respectful culture. 

  • Amy Watkins, senior strategic communications officer and Able vice chair
  • Loveness Scott, positive action officer
  • Sandeep Wales, quality improvement manager and co-chair of Together

Outstanding Team

Teamwork is essential to the success of our organisation. This award recognises the work of an outstanding team, department or collaborative projects within the Trust, where those involved have shown examples of excellent teamwork, collaboration, open communication, breaking down silos, and building relationships to work together effectively to deliver an excellent project or service.

  • Acute paramedic team
  • Hate campaign group
  • TRiM practitioners

Patient Choice

The patient choice award is nominated by patients and their families to acknowledge a person or team for their care and the impact it has had on them. 

  • Michael Dobinson, paramedic and Trevor Merry, clinical care assistant, Ryhope  

  • Tina Dyer, paramedic and Jan McLaughlin, advanced technician, Redcar 

  • Rachel Brown, health advisor  

  • Hannah Marshall, patient experience manager  

Outstanding individual

Our success is built upon the work of each individual within our organisation. This award has been introduced to recognise individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their role. There is one award per service line.

Outstanding Individual - Unscheduled Care

  • Christopher Kirkbride, clinical team leader, Pallion
  • Donna Hay, head of EPRR
  • Josie Hale, operations manager advanced practice and clinical advisory service
  • Zachary Neave, newly qualified paramedic, Middlesbrough 

Outstanding Individual - Patient Transport Service

  • Andrew Connor, PTS communications officer
  • Claire Vodden, PTS team manager, Coulby Newham
  • Steve Schofield, PTS manager, Gateshead

Outstanding Individual - Support Services

  • Adam Ratcliffe, assistant performance manager
  • Lauren Rowley, education and development facilitator 
  • Lindsay Wardle, strategic head of HR and OD business partner
  • Sam Caddick, assistant performance manager, finance and contracting 

Outstanding Individual - Emergency Operations Centre 

  • Andrew Broadbent, health advisor
  • Rachel Brown, health advisor
  • Kris Bushell, dispatch manager
  • Shaun Hogg, dispatch manager

Outstanding Individual - NEASUS

  • Garry Adams, logistics team leader
  • John Sharkey, fleet systems controller